Our Regular Team

Originally founded in 1997 as Wyatt Solutions Incorporated, the company was originally creating and delivering instructor-led courses on PC maintenance, Novell NetWare, as well as general networking and Cisco Routing & Switching. Becoming dormant during the telecom boom (when we were all pre-occupied with our day jobs...), we return as SANTINK DIGITAL with a focus on completely digital delivery methods, with the option for printed output.

The SANTINK DIGITAL team varies in size, depending on the current needs. We are all freelance contributors with other employment or studies, but collaborate to work on projects when the opportunity arises. Generally, from 1 to 7 people may be involved on a particular project, each with a particular area of expertise.

Richard Santink - eLearning & Documentation Development

With over 20 years of experience developing training and documentation solutions, Richard has a solid understanding of training requirements, as well as the different modalities that are best suited to your needs. He has worked with many customers in previous engagements to provide customized training solutions in both digital and paper-based formats.

Debbie Horsfall - General / Project Manager

Managing projects for over 10 years, Debbie has extensive experience managing and staffing projects, as well as web-based training (WBT) development experience. Debbie also handles day-to-day operations to keep things running smoothly.

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