We specialize in smaller documentation/training projects, for customers that can't justify full-time staff to perform the sporadic duties around maintaining smaller documentation/training suites, as well as establishing a baseline suite, along with training on how to maintain it yourself once the initial version is released.

Be sure to view the Sample Work page, to see some of our past work.

Document Templates / Documentation

From simple formatted documents to complete suites of documentation, we can work with your subject-matter experts (SMEs) to quickly generate the ideal suite of documentation to complete your product, or even standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Your template, or ours, it's up to you. Whether you simply want to overhaul your existing suite, or if it's time to start formalizing your documents, we can help get your baseline suite published.

Computer / Web Based Training (CBT / WBT)

Smaller businesses can benefit greatly from the reduced cost of training via CBT/WBTs, since travel expenses are eliminated. Depending on the pricing model you choose, CBT/WBTs are also a great way to eliminate the guesswork involved with figuring out exactly who needs what training.

We offer low-cost standard templates, as well as completely customized solutions that reflect your company's branding strategy.

LMS Hosting & Supplementary Materials

We offer cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) services that can track your users' progress and provide completion reports. Our LMS administrators can work with your team to minimize cost, while maximizing usability.

Custom Logos & Illustrations

Need vector-based original art? Clipart, logos, or user interface (UI) elements (buttons, controls, etc.) are all within our scope of expertise. We can create custom sets for your project, at a very affordable price point.

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